Korea has used chemical weapons

Kim Jong-un

Korea has used chemical weapons

Newspaper Choson Sinbo claimed that Pyongyang had never begged for talks with Washington D.C., the Yonhap news agency reported.

The published comments follow recent speculation that Washington and Pyongyang may agree to talks after a senior North Korean official, Kim Yong-chol, told South Korean officials that the North is willing to have discussions with the United States side. "Rather, according to one USA official, the policy will more discretely look at ways the United States can better deal with burgeoning missile threats from Russian Federation and China in regional theaters such as Europe and Asia, where the two countries' systems have alarmed the American military". The paper, also known as The People's Korea, is read by some members of Japan's ethnic Korean community.

The North Korean daily said it agreed with U.S. President Donald Trump that certain conditions were needed but retorted it is Washington that should "create such conditions".

"The reality is completely different".

It called on the Trump administration to give up its "reckless hostile policy or it won't be given a dialogue opportunity".

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North Korea said that the United States had influenced the United Nations Security Council to "cook up the theory of cooperation between North Korea and Syria" in order to impose more sanctions and install a "full-scale sea blockade", and justify an invasion of Syria.

North Korea denied supporting the production of chemical weapons in Syria Friday, insisting it is opposed to their use.

Last Friday, the USA slapped new sanctions on North Korea, targeting 56 vessels, shipping companies, and trade businesses, of which Chinese firms and personnel are involved.

The US and North Korea have always been engaged in back-and-forth barbs over the latter's threat of a nuclear attack, ever since Trump became the President previous year. North Koreans were reportedly spotted at chemical weapons facilities in the country.

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