Man tries to stop hit-and-run driver in Miami with sledge hammer

Hit-and-run driver tried to get away — then a man took out a sledge hammer, video shows | Miami Herald

Watch: Driver Flees Car Crash Despite Sledgehammer Being Swung At Him

Even though the SUV was damaged in the crash, its driver put the vehicle in reverse and began moving away from the scene.

Video shows the shocking moment that a bystander got a sledge hammer from his van and started smashing the windows of an SUV as the driver was trying to flee the scene of a multi-car wreck.

As the SUV keeps going, another man yanks on one of the vehicle's door handles - pulling it off.

On Sunday, a whole bunch of South Floridians were dead set on stopping a hit-and-run driver high on narcotics on Sunday...and it included a dude just bashing away at the fleeing vehicle with his handy sledgehammer.

The driver of the Infiniti eventually drove completely away from the scene, but police officers said that they later apprehended the 25-year-old, identified as Maxwell Oleg Lagutenko. "You have a crash, you stop".

The incident happened on Biscayne Boulevard and Northeast 36th Street.

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Monika Ramirez, the woman who recorded the video, said she wanted to help in whatever way she could.

Not long after, a police officer tried to pull the vehicle over because the driver was driving recklessly and he or she noticed the damage. "I was so nervous". The police said the man was found and taken into custody. They were told to cease their pursuit before another officer stopped Lagutenko.

Lagutenko appeared in bond court Monday afternoon and was issued a $5,000 bond.

Witnesses said they were shocked that Lagutenko wouldn't stay at the scene.

Police also used the incident - in regards to the person taking a hammer to the auto - not to take the law into their own hands.

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