Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 S Becomes '10S Mode' in 2019

Microsoft Joe Belfiore Windows 10 Build 2017

Microsoft CVP of Windows Joe BelfioreAP

A new version of Windows 10 is expected to arrive later this spring, and that's when Microsoft said everyone will be able to see the new privacy screen at installation. The Redmond giant launched Windows 10 S in May previous year as a lightweight version of Windows 10 - targeting schools and other institutions - to take on Google's Chrome OS.

It is worth pointing out here that Windows 10 S machines already have the option to switch to a full Windows 10 version.

The news that Windows 10 will get an "S Mode" isn't actually new, as this information leaked in a Neowin article last week, but today Belfiore made it official. Reports surfaced recently that Microsoft would combine Windows 10 S and Windows 10, making the former a "mode" of the Windows 10 OS.

While it's not clear why the Windows 10 S transition will take place in 2019 - development time, or just a chance for the Windows 10 S to succeed on its own? And now, even users who want high-end laptops that offer impressive performance can stick with Chrome thanks to devices like the latest Google Pixelbook.

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It positions (or perhaps repositions, we'll probably never know, Team Microsoft are totes skills at failing to admit when they are wrong) Windows 10 S as a "simpler" interface designed for optional low hassle, rather than an "alternative" operating system for indoctrination of children.

Windows 10 may have started with a bad start back in 2015 with Microsoft acting like one stubborn company that only cared for user data and nothing else, things have been changing lately. According to last month's heard claims, those operating Windows 10 Home in S Mode would be able to upgrade to the full-fat version of the operating system for no cost.

Belfiore, in a tweet on Wednesday, said, "Next year, 10 S will be a "mode" of existing versions, not a distinct version". Belfiore's tweet was posted in response to a user asking why Windows S 10 market share data wasn't being separated from overall Windows 10 market share figures.

Microsoft has gotten into some hot water in the European Union over its Windows 10 privacy policy and the general way in which it presents (or doesn't present) users with the options they need to turn off tracking.

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