NCAA Tournament Schedule - First Round Scores

Marvin Bagley III leads an impressive Duke team into the 2018 NCAA Tournament. | Ben McKeown  AP

Marvin Bagley III leads an impressive Duke team into the 2018 NCAA Tournament. | Ben McKeown AP

But don't worry, you've got options...

Ten schools spent at least $10 on their men's basketball program: Duke, Kentucky, TCU, Syracuse, Texas, Kansas, Villanova, Florida State, Michigan State and North Carolina. Fool me three times, like Virginia has, and I refuse to write your school's name in the Final Four.

Alabama vs Virginia Tech 9:20 p.m.

Last season, 11-seeded Xavier actually advanced all the way to the Elite Eight before eventually falling to Gonzaga. His energy rubbed off on the players, including one who lay on his back and waved his arms on a Rhode Island 3. I don't know ... probably a Williams sister.

Mix that talent with the likes of future National Basketball Association studs freshman forwards Marvin Bagley III and Wendell Carter Jr., and you've got yourself a team that can do some damage this March. As a bonus, they'll face No. 2 Duke in the second round if both teams advance - and you always want to put your hopes in an underdog facing the Blue Devils.

Duke's biggest Achilles' heel comes from its own cockiness.

Game 1 & we've already got extra basketball!

On a side note, I predict that Allen will go the entire tournament without a signature tripping or butt-checking incident. The Wolverines come in on a nine-game winning streak. The Cavaliers give up only 53.4 points per game, and are 6-0 against ranked opponents. Anxiously you await Selection Sunday, print out a bracket and count down the hours until March Madness officially begins.

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That miracle run is emblematic of the fact that anything can happen, especially in a season lacking any truly dominant teams around the country (save for two-loss Virginia, and defensive teams generally don't fare as well in do-or-die situations).

It may be unwise to have all four No. 1 seeds in your Final Four, but dipping down below a No. 4 seed is equally risky. No bracket is complete without a good Cinderella story.

Every little bit helps, right? It is just as hard to get them all wrong as it is to get them all right.

However, in all seriousness, I am remaining with my gut instincts on this one. Throughout the tournament, when fans pick Wendy's as their team and download the Wendy's app, they will receive exclusive offers each week.

Roughly two-thirds of states' laws make it illegal to participate in sports pools, including filling out an NCAA tournament bracket, if there is money involved.

Marvin Bagley III dominated in the lane and scored 22 points in his tournament debut as Duke trounced Iona 89-67 Thursday afternoon at PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh. Meet the 12-seed in the West, South Dakota State. This year, he said he'll double the prize if a team from his home state of Nebraska takes the title.

The Spartans are just one of countless teams that have seen their seasons end ingloriously, running into the kind of problems that haven't plagued them all year, until the bright lights and tremendous spectacle that marks college sports' biggest event hit them.

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