Now send video messages on Google Duo

Google Contacts can send money via Google Pay Send

Now send video messages on Google Duo

When you have a video call not attended or declined, Duo will now leave you with a new option of sending a video message. Also, users can save their favorite videos locally to their phone.

Here is how video voicemail works in Duo: open the app [Duo], tap a name of a contact you want to call, while the call is ringing, tap "Leave a Video Message" or "Leave a Voice Message".

Similar to all calls made on Google Duo, video messages are also secure and end-to-end encrypted.

After tapping the "Send" button, you choose how much you'd like to send off, choose "Send Money", and you're done. That being said the "Request Money" option seems to be absent as of now, but the same was observed earlier in an apk teardown. A message will be available for 24 hours after playing it unless you download it.

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Starting today, Duo users can send a video message to their friend or family member, who will receive it in the app.

Google has announced a new video message update for its video calling app Duo. While Google already provides different ways for its users to send money to each other, it might soon allow its users to send money from within the Google Contacts app as well.

Our tipster noticed the addition thanks to a new "Send" icon that appeared, courtesy of one of Google's server-side updates.

This is all part of Google's plan to improve the general video conferencing experience. The company a year ago launched Google Tez mobile payments app in India, and last month, just ahead of MWC, it started replacing Android Pay with Google Pay. All said and done this is a nifty little feature for Google Pay users.

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