OH babysitter accused of beating 3-year-old girl to near death

Lindsay Partin

Hannah Wesche Lindsay Partin Hannah Wesche

'This little girl is hanging on by a thread, ' Sheriff Richard Jones told via WLWT.

Latham says her niece is brain dead.

Deputies received a call after the child's father left the girl with Partin on Thursday morning last week. Within the next couple of days, we are told it is going to come to an end.

Hannah was gasping for air.

The devoted single father called the little girl his "sweet baby", with an earlier GoFundMe page revealing Hannah spent six months in intensive care as a newborn after being born addicted to drugs because of her mom's habit. He and Partin begged Hannah to breath.

The Butler County Sheriff's Office arrested the babysitter on Friday where she was booked on felonious assault and endangering children. She's been there ever since.

The sheriff said Partin admitted to striking the child and stated she had fallen and struck her head on the concrete garage floor the previous day. She's 3. She fell pretty bad yesterday and she's been fine and then all of a sudden he dropped her off this morning and she walked in and kind of passed out, she went limp'. He was at Partin's court hearing Monday.

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Officials immediately took Wesche to a local hospital but she was eventually transported to a larger facility due to her life-threatening injuries. I don't understand why or how anyone harms a child'.

Three-year-old Hannah Wesche, of Hamilton Township, was on life support at a hospital and is reportedly brain dead. "I can't believe this is happening". The Wesche family said the girl had been punched and that she had a black eye.

"She fought it to be with us", said her grandmother, Kimberley Bayne.

Jason Wesche said he'd like to donate his daughter's organs so others have a chance at survival.

Pictured, Butler County, Ohio babysitter, Lindsay Partin.Hannah Wesche aunt: 'In order to do something like this to an innocent, fragile child, you would have to be a monster'.

Partin posted a $30,000 cash bond. It wasn't clear whether she had an attorney ahead of her anticipated arraignment on Monday. "And she has every reason to proceed forward and appear in this matter and defend herself in this", Cook Howard said.

According to the Hamilton Journal-News, Partin's next court appearance is Thursday.

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