Oscars 2018 viewership hits all-time low with 26.5 million

Oscars 2018 viewership hits all-time low with 26.5 million

Oscars 2018 viewership hits all-time low with 26.5 million

But ABC, which broadcast the awards, isn't getting any trophies.

The big moment came when "A Fantastic Woman" won the award for Best Foreign Language Film, the first Oscar win for he country of Chile. Variety reported Monday morning that the Nielsen overnight ratings for the scheduled three-hour prime-time broadcast that ran to nearly four hours dropped 16% year over year.

"Greta Gerwig is the first woman to be nominated for director in eight years". And while many people were happy enough with the nominees in each category, or were ecstatic about the winners, there are of course many more who think the statues went to the wrong winners (no, not like past year; I mean the ACTUAL winners).

Sobering news fell across Hollywood this morning as reports emerged suggesting that the telecast of the 90th Academy Awards ceremony had reached fewer viewers than anticipated.

In what may have been the funniest moment of the very long telecast filled with lame jokes, Mark Bridges (Best Costume Design) won the Jet Ski that host Jimmy Kimmel promised to the victor who gave the shortest acceptance speech, Bridges cam in at 38 seconds. And three Harvey Weinstein accusers, Ashley Judd, Salma Hayek and Annabella Sciorra, were given a moment to themselves on stage for nothing more than the fact that they were courageous enough to speak up before a hopeful video played highlighting a changing industry, post #MeToo and more diverse.

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Ashley Judd, Salma Hayek, and Annabella Sciorra introduced a segment in which Hollywood's most recent crop of trailblazers including Mira Sorvino, Ava DuVernay, Lee Daniels, Kumail Nanjiani, and Geena Davis spoke out about the impact that #MeToo and Times Up have had. It won a total of four Academy Awards.

Sam Rockwell received Best Supporting Actor at the 90th Academy Awards for his role in "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" on Sunday. "I thought it wasn't going to work", he said. Gary Oldman won Best Actor for Darkest Hour, which made only $55 million domestic. So, for example, how many more slave movies do we need?

Coco was voted Best Animated Feature and won the Oscar for Best Original Song for "Remember Me".

"Get Out" was a smash with both critics and moviegoers, grossing more than $250 million worldwide since its release a year ago. Well we couldn't do that because that would be unfair to the winners in the back and people wearing heels - and tight dresses - and you do not want to get in a legal dispute over a personal watercraft.

What would be interesting to figure out is how many Americans were watching a movie or TV show on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon.

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