Pope Francis urges youth to let their voices be heard

Pope Francis blesses attendees and palm leaves during at St Peter’s square

Pope Francis blesses attendees and palm leaves during at St Peter’s square

Without directly addressing our political climate, he spoke to the youth, urging them not to be silent and to let their voices be heard.

"The liturgy invites us to share in the joy and celebration of the people who cry out in praise of their Lord; a joy that will fade and leaves a bitter and sorrowful taste by the end of the account of the Passion", Francis said in his homily.

"Young people must be taken seriously", he said. "There are many ways to sedate them, to keep them from getting involved, to make their dreams flat and dreary, petty and plaintive", he said. He urged youth to be like the people who welcomed Jesus with palms rather than those who shouted for his crucifixion only days later.

"Some mentors are put on a pedestal, and when they fall, the devastation may impact young people's abilities to continue to engage with the church", they said.

In a fascinating final document from a weeklong Vatican-initiated conference, 300 young people from around the world joined by 15,000 young people online gave the older men who run the 1.2-billion strong church a piece of their collective mind.

"During three years working as an adviser to Pope Francis on his commission I was never given the opportunity talk with him, either in the context of a survivor seeking pastoral healing or as an advocate with questions to ask in regard to the problem of abuse in the Church", said Ms Collins.

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While the pope was not talking about the United States protests and made no reference to them in his address, his comments came just a day after huge gun control rallies were staged all across the US.

Pope Francis, flanked by cardinals, arrives in procession at St. Peter's Square during the Palm Sunday Mass on March 25, 2018 in Vatican City, Vatican.

Palm Sunday is marked to the commemorate of the Triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

It's a preparatory meeting for a big synod of bishops in October on helping young people find their vocations in life.

Nicholas Lopez, a college campus minister from Texas, told Francis that young people today face racism, poverty and gang violence, as well as "unjust immigration laws that threaten to split children from families".

The church leader has been known to speak out about political issues and in the past has waded into debates on nuclear weapons, sex crimes and fake news.

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