PUBG PC patch finally brings emotes

Image via Epic Games

Image via Epic Games

For those who have already had the chance to check out that update then you probably know that the servers had been also down for maintenance from 5 PM KST/ 1 AM PDT / 9 AM CET in preparation for the new patch.

Away from the new emotes, fans will be able to use a new in-game friends list for the first time this week.

Not entered the battlegrounds yet?

Perhaps the biggest addition is the the emote system.

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The new update will mark the seventh major update the game has received since leaving early access back in December, and it introduces a number of new features to the game, all of which were detailed by the games latest blog post that accompanied the patch notes. By default, the emote key is ~ whereby specific emotes can be selected by left-clicking.

PUBG friends lists can be 50 people big, and apparently it's a one-way follower system not a mutual "soandso wants to be your friend, do you accept?" type affair. You also now have the ability to voice chat with your teammates while in the main menu.

Another 37 achievements have also been added to the Steam Gaming list today, meaning more for hardcore players to try their luck at.

Optimisation improvements continue to reduce lag and make the game smoother, and there are numerous bug fixes across the board. "Unfortunately, there's been an adjustment in our plans, but we will be sure to give an update on this at a later time".

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