Reese Witherspoon Has Elle Woods Exchange With Enthusiastic Journalist

Legally Blonde Reese Witherspoon

Journalist Gifts Reese Witherspoon the Legally Blonde Dissertation She Wrote—and It's Scented!

Ford, who's since become a journalist, was recently given the opportunity to attend a press junket for A Wrinkle In Time and interview the film's stars, Mindy Kaling, Oprah Winfrey, and of course her idol Reese.

"I want to start by saying I'm obviously a very big fan of all of you; Reese, I actually wrote 15,000 words on you once", Ford said before handing Reese a copy of her lengthy dissertation and explaining that she had watched the film 800 times to write it.

Welp, we love this nearly as much as Reese does.

"I actually wrote 15,000 words on you once".

"Thank you! That really touches my heart", the actress said.

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Named Dumb Blonde Ambition: Legally Blonde, Post feminism and the Reimagination of the "Strong Female Character", Ford's dissertation revolves around the character of Elle Woods and how she defied the odds and stereotypes about her appearance to get into Harvard Law. The moment was made even more awesome by Kaling and Oprah, who looked over at the enormous document, both whispering "Wow". "That means a lot to me", Witherspoon reiterated.

Ford also shared on her Twitter the moment she got to give the essay to Witherspoon during an interview for A Wrinkle In Time.

"I actually put perfume on it before I left", Lucy said to which Reese responded, "I know you did!"

"I want to start by saying I'm obviously a enormous fan of all of you", Ford prefaced, before presenting her paper.

Reese's Legally Blonde character Elle Woods was known for handing out scented resumes, so Ford really went all out with the delivery.

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