Salma Hayek: How Could They Turn Frida Kahlo Into a Barbie?

Salma Hayek: How Could They Turn Frida Kahlo Into a Barbie?

Salma Hayek: How Could They Turn Frida Kahlo Into a Barbie?

However, Kahlo's family doesn't share that excitement The late painter's family released a statement on Instagram claiming that Mattel "does not have the proper authorization to use the image of Frida Kahlo".

Salma Hayek has slammed Mattel for making a Barbie doll of celebrated Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

Critics complain the doll doesn't reflect Kahlo's heavy, almost conjoined eyebrows, and they say its costume doesn't accurately portray the elaborate Tehuana-style dresses that the artist wore.

The toy manufacturer recently announced a line of dolls based on "inspiring women", including Amelia Earhart, Katherine Johnson, and Frida Kahlo, but relatives of the artist are insisting that the doll is unauthorized.

Featuring renowned figures such as Chloe Kim, Patty Jenkins and Frida Kahlo, the company aims to show girls that they can be anything.

Mattel said in a statement provided to INSIDER that they obtained the rights through the Frida Kahlo Corporation. "Mattel secured permission and worked in close partnership with the Frida Kahlo Corporation, the owner of all rights related to Frida Kahlo, to make this doll".

Pablo Sangri, a lawyer for Ms de Anda Romeo, said his client is not seeking money but wants Mattel to talk about redesigning the doll. The family also say that they have been trying to dissolve the Frida Kahlo Corporation for years.

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Kahlo was known for her assertive embrace of her Mexican identity and her unabashed, unmanicured femininity.

"I would have liked the doll to have traits more like Frida's, not this doll with light-colored eyes", Romeo told AFP News Agency. A member of the Mexican painter's family, in fact, disputed Mattel's use of her likeness.

Matter vice-president Michelle Chidoni avoided insists that "these dolls are depictions of wonderful women who did incredible things in their time and represent real-life examples and stories for girls to be inspired by", she said. "It should be a Frida that represents Mexico".

She may not have approved of being cast as a variety of Barbie, the best-selling doll whose image Mattel has updated so as to address criticism that in body type and lifestyle it had perpetuated damaging stereotypes about women.

In recent years, Kahlo's image has been stamped onto an explosion of consumer products: nail polish, bags, shoes, coffee mugs and much, much more.

The artist with the famous unibrow was famous for her self-portraits and became a feminist icon.

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