Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Nokia 8 Sirocco vs Sony Xperia XZ2

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Nokia 8 Sirocco vs Sony Xperia XZ2

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Nokia 8 Sirocco vs Sony Xperia XZ2

Under the hood is Qualcomm's high-end silicon, that's the Snapdragon 845 paired with 4GB RAM and 64GB UFS 2.0 fast storage is powering the XZ2 and keeping it alive is a decent 3180mAh battery with QC 3.0.

Following the trend of newer Android phones such as Google's Pixel 2, the XZ2 does not have a headphone jack whereas the S9 does.

By comparison, Samsung's Galaxy S9 offers 960fps at 720p, offering the same playback time.

After a wave of rumors that Sony is going to do a miracle at MWC, the company has finally launched two new flagships models called Sony Xperia XZ2, the large one and Xperia XZ2 Compact in a smaller size, at MWC in Barcelona. It also features a slimmer display that looks as sleek as the phones from Samsung and LG. We will test the phones once we get to spend more time with it, but now it's too early to speak about battery life numbers. Gone are the rough, square edges of previous Sony phones.

As far as physical design goes, you'll find that both the Galaxy S9 and Nokia 8 Sirocco look quite similar. Now, we have also known that the smartphone department from Sony is not doing comparatively well when compared to its other departments. Sony Xperia XZ2 and Xperia XZ2 Compact are priced at €800 and €600 respectively. It is also worth noting that the XZ2 has the ability to capture videos in 4K HDR. The S9 comes with 64/128/256GB internal storage and 256GB extra micro SD optional storage. Sony says its display is capable of producing 30 percent more color than typical smartphone screens.

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Like many other manufacturers, Sony has ditched the port to make room for new technology including a bigger display and larger battery. Just think of that: under a hundred for a smartphone, with a full view screen, a fingerprint sensor, and two cameras, eight megapixel on the back and five on the front. Sony's XZ2 recording abilities to shoot 4K video is an exciting prospect whilst Samsung's dual aperture camera makes it the flawless upgrade from the S8. The smartphone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC along with AIE (Artificial Intelligence Engine) and Adreno 630 GPU, coupled with 4GB of RAM.

If these sound like two very different phones, well... we're right there with you.

Three will offer the phone on pre-order from March 16th. "Reimagined", it's clear that Samsung's main goal with the release of their new phone is to provide improvements over the predecessor in terms of image quality and camera performance.

This means you get a low F1.5 aperture for low-light and portraits with a soft background, and a more standard "most of what's close is in focus" F2.4, potentially improving the camera for all types of photography. While the specifications seem reasonable, we'll have to get our hands on the new device before we can really determine how well it performs in a variety of conditions.

The S9 is another incremental improvement over the S8 in technology and processing power whilst Sony has gone all out with their all-new design and 4K video recording features for the XZ2.

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