Searching address on Google Maps gets easier with 'Plus Codes' in India

Google Maps introduces voice navigation in 6 Indian languages'add an address feature

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Another feature aimed at offering accurate and easy searching on Maps is "Add an Address".

"Using plus codes to locate friends at the beach is one example, but these codes become extremely helpful in places with high population density but poor data accuracy or coverage, or those that lack a specific addressing system altogether", writes Rasto Sramek, Software Engineer, Google Maps.

If you frequently use Google Maps, you might have seen some random code written on the description pages of different locations. The service is available on both mobile and desktop platforms. This code simply comprises a "6-character + City" format that can be generated, shared and searched by anyone - all that's needed is Google Maps on a smartphone.

In Google Maps, open the "More Info" page of any place, restaurant, building, etc. Scroll down to find the plus code for the location. Even developers can use the codes to incorporate in their applications.

Plus Codes provide an easy way to identify nearly any place that exists on the earth, irrespective of the country or region. Tap this section where you will get all the details of the location and copy the plus code. Instead, an area code will be added to the beginning of the plus code, like 7GXHX4HM+3C, says the Goole Maps team. Non-standard addresses now increase the costs of running all types of commerce from ride-hailing to online retailing and food delivery.

How to find a Plus Code on Google Maps?

It is "Mario Time" on Google Map this week.

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Where to find Plus Codes for your address. So, this might create confusion for some.

Plus Codes turns long addresses into 10-digit alpha-numeric codes, making it easier for users to share.

Talking about the Plus Codes, it is a simple and efficient addressing system that works in India along with other countries throughout the world.

"Similar to adding businesses, users can submit new or missing addresses through this feature, and Google will make sure the address is searchable in due course after verification". Once approved, the uploader would get 15 points through Google's MapMaker initiative that helps encourage user contributions.

"Understanding addresses, especially in the Indian context (being so unique and varied, ) has always been a relentless pursuit for Google". Accordingly, he hinted of Google Maps' new features coming towards users in the future.

Google maps will automatically generate the code for a particular address and also add the city. "The process ensures that people don't include any personally identifiable information like names".

Besides the introduction of the smart Plus Codes feature, the company also announced the addition of voice support for Google Maps in six Indian regional languages-Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, and Bengali.

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