Stormy Daniels's Lawyer Says Trump Missed Settlement Offer Deadline

Adult film actress  director Stormy Daniels attends the 2016 AVN Awards at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Stormy Daniels's Lawyer Says Trump Missed Settlement Offer Deadline

An arbitrator has reaffirmed that Daniel's nondisclosure agreement with Trump, tied to the $130,000 payment from Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen, was binding and issued a temporary restraining order.

A lawyer for US President Donald Trump ignored a suggested Tuesday noon (March 13) deadline on an adult-film star's offer to return US$130,000 (S$170,000) in hush money so that she can speak freely about an alleged affair with Trump, her attorney said.

And although Avenatti did not offer specifics, he hinted that legal action was coming.

Daniels has said she had sex on one occasion with President Donald Trump, and then carried on a friendship with him. He said Daniels' only motivation now is to explain her side of the story.

But Avenatti revealed in a tweet on Tuesday, that Trump and Cohen had missed the deadline to revoke the contract.

"Time to buckle up", Clifford's attorney wrote.

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Clifford could face a US$1 million penalty if she breaks the nondisclosure agreement. Meanwhile, CNN notes that the 60 Minutes interview that Stormy allegedly taped could potentially air on Sunday.

The possibility of Daniels owning any pre-existing images/videos of Trump engaged in any lewd acts would definitely be a presidential first; however, he hasn't exactly fit the diplomatic politician mould throughout his short tenure in office. Neither Cohen, nor his lawyer, Lawrence Rosen, responded to a request for comment.

Daniels wants to return the money that effectively suppressed her, and began to share with the media details about their alleged affair.

On Friday, the lawyer filed a document to remove the judge assigned to the case.

Michael Avenatti alleges that because Judge Elizabeth Feffer of Los Angeles Superior Court is seeking a federal appointment, it is not appropriate for her to preside over a case involving the president.

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