Taylor Swift accused of copying 2016 ad for her new 'Delicate' video

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift accused of copying 2016 ad for her new 'Delicate' video

Taylor Swift is known for some cleverly hidden references in her music videos which eagle-eyed fans always spot.

"While music videos are often a pastiche of influences, the similarities are hard to ignore", fashion blog the Cut said of Swift's "Delicate".

Swift's video, which was released Sunday night, had similarities to the advertisement from Kenzo, which was created by Academy Award-winning director Spike Jonze, the New York Daily News reported. Once she realizes this, she's free to make ridiculous faces in the bathroom mirror, throw down some insane dance moves, twirl about in the rainy streets, and even perform the splits on a parked vehicle.

The Kenzo ad featured dancer and actress Margaret Qualley, making faces in a mirror after she becomes bored at the gala she is attending.

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Kevin Faulk, who frequently appears on gay porn site Randy Blue, plays the bodyguard whose attention Swift desperately tries to obtain by flapping around in "Delicate", while he remains unfazed, which in turn helps Swift realize she is now invisible.

The idea of not being seen is so freeing for Swift that she joyously tears off part of her long gown, kicks off her shoes and dances barefoot à la Maddie Ziegler-style through the venue, the subway and then in a city street in the rain.

As Taylor dances though, fans believe she is spelling out the name Joe - the name of her long-term boyfriend Joe Alwyn, whom she began dating in 2016 - through a series of moves one after another. "The setting, color palette, choreography, everything", another person tweeted.

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