THE CONJURING writers to rework DIE HARD 6 script

THE CONJURING writers to rework DIE HARD 6 script

THE CONJURING writers to rework DIE HARD 6 script

It's clear that Wiseman sees McClane not as an everyman, who, despite his impressive heroics in the first three Die Hard movies, is reasonably grounded and carries a level of humanity, but as a superhero complete with an origin story. The movie will be reportedly directed and produced by Len Wiseman alongside Lorenzo di Bonaventura.

Last month, Willis revealed that the film is still going ahead and the script had been written.

The Tracking Board is reporting that screenwriters Chad and Carey Hayes, known primarily for horror films for The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, House of Wax and The Reaping, have been hired to pen the film. The two wrote the script for the 2009 action film "Whiteout" and will also write the scripts for the "Journey to the Center of the Earth" sequels.

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Despite the mixed to downright poor critical reception afforded to the last couple of Die Hard films, they've actually done pretty well financially. No word yet on who might portray the younger John McClane or when Die Hard 6 might hit theaters.

The original idea that did the rounds when the film was first announced saw Bruce Willis retelling a story from his early days as a beat cop in NY in the '70s, with a younger actor in that role, and the two timelines intersecting at various points.

The problem here is that if McClane does something impressive in the 1970s, it minimizes his heroics in the original Die Hard because you wonder why people wouldn't already know him.

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