Tommy Wiseau's 'Joker' Audition Tape Is Here To Haunt Your Dreams

The filmmaker's 'The Room' co-star Greg Sestero reads for Batman

Tommy Wiseau as The Joker

While Warner Bros. has been focusing its attention on getting Leonardo DiCaprio and Joaquin Phoenix to try their hands at playing the Joker, we've set our sights on another big star to slap on some makeup to portray Batman's greatest nemesis. No kidding, it's going to tear the DCEU apart!

Now Wiseau has thrown his *talents* behind Batman's greatest rival, throwing together an audition tape of The Joker for the DC Comics' upcoming origins film.

Meanwhile, The Disaster Artist is out on Blu-ray on March 13.

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Made up to resemble the late Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker from Christopher Nolan's 2008 film The Dark Knight, Wiseau delivers - er, yells - lines from previous Batman films. And, of course, it wouldn't be an audition tape without him being dressed in full Joker attire (okay, sure it would, but who cares, right?). Given how awful of an actor the guy really is, it was obviously a performance that we'd never get a chance to see, and while I would never want to see Wiseau actually take on the serious role, I would LOVE to see a little bit of what we COULD expect should Wiseau actually take it on. What a story that would be, Mark.

In regards to a character like The Joker, an "Over-the-top" performance may actually work in the actor's favor, although likely not when that performance is coming from Tommy Wiseau, the madcap director behind cult hit, The Room.

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