Trump abandons age 21 rifle purchase restriction

President Donald Trump is reportedly in talks with a veteran lawyer who represented Bill Clinton in his impeachment proceedings

President Donald Trump is reportedly in talks with a veteran lawyer who represented Bill Clinton in his impeachment proceedings

The plan forgoes an endorsement of comprehensive background checks for gun purchases, which the president, at times, seemed to embrace.

However, the Trump administration's school safety plans announced on Sunday closely aligned with National Rifle Association (NRA) positions, featuring proposals to train teachers to carry guns in schools while neglecting to raise the age for buying guns from 18 to 21. The administration will also encourage state attorneys general to audit school district compliance with emergency preparedness.

The commission would look at a "wide range" of ideas in order to ensure that "no student or family should ever have to live the horror of Parkland or Sandy Hook ever again", FOX News reported that DeVos said in a statement.

"Everything is on the table", she said on Monday. On Sunday, the White House released its proposal, which focuses on arming teachers and doesn't mention raising the age limit for assault rifle purchases, which Trump supports. He even seemed open talking about a Democratic push for an assault weapons ban and said police should be able to take away guns from mentally ill people even without due process, causing his GOP colleagues to blanch.

The shootings reignited a fierce gun debate in the United States, and Trump stunned members of Congress during White House meetings by endorsing proposals long opposed by his fellow Republicans and accusing lawmakers of being afraid of the NRA. But you can buy the kind of weapon used in the school shooting at 18.

"We can't just keep setting up blue-ribbon committees with your wife and your wife and your husband, and they meet and they have a meal and they talk talk talk talk".

As the February 14 mass shooting in Parkland, Fla., faded from headlines, the White House realized the president perhaps overstepped on what he was willing to do - and whom he was willing to anger.

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At a campaign rally in Pennsylvania Saturday, Trump mocked the idea of a commission to solve problems government should tackle head-on.

"Do you think the drug dealers who kill thousands of people during their lifetime, do you think they care who's on a blue-ribbon committee?"

"If you had a teacher who was adept at firearms, they could end the attack very quickly", he has said. Since nearly immediately after the Parkland shooting, the president has advocated arming some teachers as a solution to stopping future massacres.

"The president told the kids at Parkland, 'I'll go strong on this, I'll work on this age thing, '" Smith said.

The White House also called for expanding mental health treatment to better identify students who could become violent, and working with states to provide weapons training for teachers.

The White House said it had put off some of the more "controversial" proposals - including raising the minimum purchase age - for further study by a new commission led by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. "We absolutely do not need more guns in schools or to fortress our schools like prisons". But there's not support from the NRA and the president is backing off. House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., had to interject to correct the president that's actually the opposite of what Trump wants to do.

President Donald Trump has backflipped on a promise to bring in stricter gun measures, instead throwing his support to putting more firearms in schools. And he called for the reform and expansion of mental health programs, as well as a full audit and review of the Federal Bureau of Investigation tip line.

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