Uber Will Not Renew California Permit To Operate Self Driving Cars

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UberRUSH is shutting down Megan Rose Dickey @ 1 day

The company has decided not to reapply for a permit to test autonomous vehicles with the California DMV in the wake of the crash, a spokesperson told Business Insider, ending its tests in the state for the immediate future.

California requires all autonomous vehicle makers to get special registrations for their vehicles and the cars' operators, to submit reports of all accidents, and to produce an annual report on "disengagements", situations in which the human operator needed to take over from the robot one. Two weeks before the accident, Ducey approved the cars without safety drivers. In recent days, executives from Alphabet's Waymo and Intel's Mobileye said their driverless-car software would have detected and responded to Elaine Herzberg, the woman struck while walking her bicycle across the road. The vehicle was traveling about 40 miles per hour at the moment of impact and didn't brake or swerve. Other companies involved in trialing the technology have not. To put that in context, Waymo's cars drove an average of 5,500 miles before a driver had to intervene during testing in California previous year. "Test hauls, like what we've done in Arizona, are incredibly important in identifying how we build our self-driving truck product".

Taking a swipe at newer entrants to the autonomous and driver assisted vehicle field, such as Uber, Shushua said that developments in AI and deep neural networks have led them to believe developing accurate object detection systems is "now easy". Uber had already halted testing nationwide after what happened, this is an interesting turnaround after Gov. Doug Ducey (R) had openly-welcomed self-driving testing from many companies that goes back several years.

Uber's cars will no longer be able to operate on public roads in the state once the current permit expires next week.

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Ducey called the crash "an unquestionable failure".

Tempe police are conducting an investigation into the crash.

The crash is being investigated by Tempe police, the National Transportation Safety Board and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. At the time, though, the governor failed to mention that Uber had been secretly testing such vehicles in the state since August.

Who's to blame when driverless cars have an accident? It promises to aide the investigation in any way that the company can, as well as keep an open line of communication with the Governor's office.

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