Vayne Solidor is Dissidia Final Fantasy NT's First DLC Character

PS4 news this week includes a big PS5 release date rumour

SONYPS4 news this week includes a big PS5 release date rumour

Back in January, Square Enix gave players a small tease of what to expect from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT's DLC offerings.

Some weeks have passed without news about Final Fantasy VII Remake; however, everything indicates that its development is on the right track.

Square Enix is now hiring a level planner for its massive new Final Fantasy VII: Remake project. Today, the Japanese publisher has commented on the game's current development state in a fresh job ad. So they have chosen to go for a significantly higher quality keeping in mind the end goal to meet the desires of the fans. According to Siliconera, the job isn't mean to be a last-minute replacement for the work volume but that Square Enix is looking for someone to assist in recreating the game for a modern audience.

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Level planners are responsible for the workflow of the location development, as well as the level designs for each location and data implementation using Unreal Engine 4, which powers the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

"We are constantly examining the program within the development team, but while it is satisfying to say that the original is reproduced with high quality graphics, We have reached the conclusion that we should aim for a step further in quality so that can meet the expectations of fans".

By setting up core members from different positions as level organizers, battle planners, and designers and keeping in mind that there already exist persons from the developing team, they all should chip away at this together to accomplish the objective.

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