Vikings QB Case Keenum to sign with Broncos

Vikings QB Case Keenum to sign with Broncos

Vikings QB Case Keenum to sign with Broncos

That leaves open the possibility that he would be a placeholder at the position until a young quarterback taken in the draft is ready to play. However, it appears that the list of suitors has been narrowed to a few, but a favorite has definitely developed.

Cousins has spent his entire career prior to free agency with the Washington Redskins, starting at quarterback the previous three seasons.

Never before had a player received a fully guaranteed contract in the NFL. He was once a first-round pick for the Vikings and led Minnesota to the playoffs.

Bradford, 30, and Bridgewater, 25, were attempting to return from injuries at the tail end of the 2017 season as their Vikings charged into the NFC Championship Game behind starter Case Keenum. That said, trusting Keenum, who was a one-year wonder in Pat Shurmur's system, was a risky proposition. Cousins and Minnesota can not officially sign the contract until the NFL's free agency period begins at 4:00 p.m. ET Wednesday. The team is still rebuilding its roster and doesn't have playoff expectations after consecutive 5-11 seasons, so this feels like a ideal marriage of team need and opportunity for the player.

Now, there are obviously some risks in bringing in Cousins. As a result, with more than 24 hours to go before teams can sign an National Football League free agent, the deals are starting to come in.

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Not only did Cousins sign with the right team, he will instantly be the shot caller for a super bowl contender. It was easy to imagine the Broncos competing with Cousins at the helm, but instead, they signed Keenum to an undisclosed deal.

As for how this affects the Redskins, it really doesn't mean that much.

After that season, Washington and Cousins couldn't agree on a long-term deal, so the team placed the franchise tag on him. Cousins also put up those numbers with average receiving weapons and a talented by oft-injured offensive line. Most importantly, it's a win for Cousins, whose self-confidence paid off in a big way.

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