WhatsApp has again changed its 'message deletion' feature

WhatsApp bringing major change to its app – Know how it will impact you

WhatsApp has again changed its 'message deletion' feature

WhatsApp is pushing new features and updates in a bid to keep its army of followers happy.

Now all of us with a tendency to send messages we later regret have an even bigger safety net, because WhatsApp is rolling out the unsend window to a full hour.

If you want to customise a photo before sending it you can add some unique stickers via WhatsApp. But the chat app has put an end to this now.

WhatsApp has a simple new method to send money without leaving your chat window.

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The chat app has apparently changed the algorithm now.

The rollout comes after a beta trial of the new peer-to-peer payment system was trialed on around one million WhatsApp users. It started launching a limited service in India, where it holds over 200 million users. The report further adds, "If WhatsApp finds a message in the database having the same ID of the received revoke message request, it checks the data of the message saved in the database, performing an operation: if [current date] - [the date of the saved message] is less than 24 hours, WhatsApp can successfully delete the message".

If you've sent something by mistake don't forget you can quickly delete it. It has also been pointed out that if someone replies to a message in a group, and the same is later deleted for everyone, the message continues to show on the group. Hackers have been abusing the Delete for All feature to delete messages sent years rather than minutes ago, and the app now makes additional checks to make sure messages no older than 24 hours can be deleted. To easily prevent your friends from finding out when you were last online you can hide your last seen time.

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