Why renaming Android Wear actually makes a lot of sense

Why renaming Android Wear actually makes a lot of sense

Why renaming Android Wear actually makes a lot of sense

We decompiled the Google Play Services beta APK, and indeed found several references to Wear OS throughout the strings.

Until then, expect plenty of rumours to do the rounds as more Android P Preview users install it. Google has not yet mentioned when it will be rolling out the revamped search bar in the mobile site. It looks pretty cool and you would definitely going to love how this new rounded search bar will look like once available for public usage.

Google is planning to bring a considerable visual change to its search bar for smartphone users. They might officially change the name of a device by the time of releasing Android P or during the Google I/O conference that will be held in May. The giant is now preparing for the same results for all the devices. The search company in December past year made it easier for Indian users to get authentic search results. One would be impressed with a stunning new colorful G logo at the left side.

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Apart from this, the categories underneath the Search bar are now no longer in boxed format. The testers have tried to find out the same but they seem to be unable to figure out this new feature as of now. Whatever the reason for the apparent stagnation in the Android Wear ecosystem, it appears that Google is looking to shake things up-starting with a rebranding of the OS to 'Wear OS'.

Given the fact that the Pixel Launcher's search bar already shares the same shape and that Android P features more rounded design elements, we wouldn't be surprised to see this become official soon.

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