Xbox One Spring update to bring support AMD FreeSync monitors, more

Xbox FreeSync

Xbox One Spring update to bring support AMD FreeSync monitors, more

Last week, Xbox announced the debut of a new monthly show called Inside Xbox.

The next major update to the Xbox One operating system will bring support for AMD FreeSync, according to Microsoft.

FreeSync, like Nvidia's G-Sync, helps remove tearing or stuttering usually associated with gaming on monitors, as the technology syncs refresh rates to ensure games run smooth.

We already know the Xbox will receive a big software update in the coming weeks, including 1440p support for the Xbox One X. Among the other new features coming are AMD Freesync support for enabled monitors and low-latency mode support for compatible TVs.

Given that Xbox uses the AMD APU, it makes sense that Microsoft would allow it to support FreeSync and this would be the first time a console to support such a feature. The generation of content is not limited by computing power, space or even bandwidth so much as the human capital that's expended in creating it. Microsoft demonstrated this during its Inside Xbox Stream yesterday.

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Alongside the FreeSync addition, Microsoft is also planning to support auto low latency mode on TVs.

On the TV side, many televisions these days have a low latency mode - or game mode - that turns off image processing in order to cut down on lag.

Other tweaks coming in the Spring Xbox One update include a new "Share to Twitter" function will allow users to share clips and screenshots viewable in-line, directly on their Twitter feed.

When you come back to the TVs main menu to launch Netflix, for example, the Low Latency mode will be disabled and your TV will automatically return to the classic settings so you can enjoy the best experience.

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