Air strikes on Syria will not change course of war: UK's Johnson

GETTYPutin has warned of dire consequences against the West

GETTYPutin has warned of dire consequences against the West

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson on April 15 said that his government took the decision.

The team of experts are set to investigate the April 7 attack east of the capital Damascus, which Bashar al Assad's regime and its Russian ally deny ever took place.

The British planes launched eight missiles at a chemical weapons storage facility, which the Ministry of Defence said was "some distance from any known concentrations of civilian habitation".

"I'm afraid the Syrian war will go on in its frightful, miserable way".

He responded: "There's one overwhelming reason why this was the right thing to do, and that is to deter the use of chemical weapons, not just by the Assad regime but around the world".

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To foreign secretary was asked: what was the mission and have we really accomplished it?

His comments come ahead of a what is expected to be a heated Parliamentary debate on the Government's decision to launch strikes with France and the United States without first seeking the approval of MPs. "The primary goal is to say no to the use of barbaric chemical weapons".

The OPCW itself had declared that the Syrian regime's chemical weapons stockpile had been removed in 2014, only to confirm later that sarin was used in a 2017 attack in the northern town of Khan Sheikhun.

Meanwhile Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said Parliament should have been given a vote ahead of the strikes.

Despite describing the intervention as "successful", Britain's foreign minister said there were now no plans for further attacks.

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