American Idol Results Tonight, Top 14 Live Elimination, Top 10 Revealed

Ada Vox Mara Justine And More Meet The People Who Could Win ‘American Idol

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"You can vote 10 times on each option: on the "American Idol" app, website and by calling in". On Monday night, the field will be whittled down to the top 10. Only 10 of them will still be here after this round, so if you have a favorite, this is when you want to be sure that you're tuned in. Mara Justine, Jonny Brenns, Marcio Donaldson, and Garrett Jacobs were eliminated.

A relieved Barrett commented to host Ryan Seacrest that she "felt like I got the message across". Because it's going to be airing on Sunday, people are home to watch it. It's hard for me to decide what he fourth person should be, though. She has a chance to prove herself to the judges, though, and chooses to sing an original song called "I'm A Dreamer" to earn one of the final four slots. She's singing "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going". "I just died a little inside". For three weeks from April 29 to May 13, American Idol will be simulcast in all time zones across the country, and results will be revealed at the end of each show in real time. I will probably never understand it.

"The biggest voice I ever heard right there", judge Luke Bryan said, gesturing toward the stage. Well that's subjective, of course, but in my opinion, not not totally. "But what I do know is that there is a big part of America that is ready to accept me into their hearts".

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"Gabby doesn't have one ounce of nerves (performing for an audience) because she loves to perform in front of crowds". And of course the guy with the guitar.

The 21-year-old East Texas musician has impressed the trio of judges since his audition during the first round of the competition, but now it's up to America to secure his spot on the show through votes.

The judges still had to pick three more contestants to round out that top 10.

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