Apple Officially Discontinues AirPort Router Line

Apple Said to Halt Development of Routers

Apple Said to Halt Development of Routers

As Wi-Fi becomes an easily available commodity in an era of connected devices, Apple has made a decision to officially discontinue its "AirPort" Wi-Fi routers, the media reported. This includes the two wireless routers, AirPort Express and AirPort Extreme and the AirPort Time Capsule, which was a wireless router with a hard drive for data backups. That means there are no discounts available either from the Apple channels though third-party resellers might bring down the price to let go of unsold stocks quickly. A Bloomberg report from November 2016 confirmed that Cupertino had "abandoned development" of its proprietary wireless router lineup, and reassigned engineers to work on other inside projects.

Apple rarely discontinues product categories. Since Apple is known to keep itself away from mainstream, a new found patent indicates that the company may be going back to the old, notch-less screen design.

Apple has some bad news for fans of its AirPort wireless router lineup - it's chose to kill the series once and for all.

AirPort Express, for instance, now boasts support for AirPlay functionality built-in - and Apple's AirPort Time Capsules feature support for backing up data via Time Machine on OS X and macOS computers.

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While I think that the days of needing a standalone router are maybe gone, AirPort was more than just a router.

After Apple announced plans on Thursday to discontinue its wireless routers, the company published a support page on its website that details how you should choose a router that would work well with any number of Apple devices-including the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV-among others.

If you were a fan of Apple's routers, this is not the news you want to hear. Stay tuned for more Apple news in the future!

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