As the Playoffs Begin, the NBA's Biggest Stars are Going Ring Hunting

I am extremely looking forward to a time when every National Basketball Association team sincerely wants to win as many games as it can.

Most of the 12 referees who worked last season's NBA Finals are back in this year's playoffs, the exceptions being McCutchen and Danny Crawford, both of whom have retired from officiating.

Philadelphia, after years of the rebuilding saga known as "The Process", has a chance as well. The Pacers and the Heat don't have the star-power that is usually required for a long playoff run. I don't want to get on a bandwagon of a team I don't fully believe in.

The regular season was a wild one at times, with some incredible storylines taking place. The Bucks can take the series in five games. Granted, neither do the Wizards, but their collection of young talent at least makes them a little bit of a wild card. This is why without Wall, the Wizards barely survived for a playoff spot.

Unfortunately, the first-day wasn't as entertaining as everybody expected.

Add in the playoff experience of JJ Redick and Amir Johnson and, with last year's top seeds the Boston Celtics without superstar point guard Kyrie Irving, Brett Brown's team look well equipped to pull off further shocks.

The next team to go would be Boston.

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The Jazz were never expected to compete this season after losing forward Gordon Hayward in free agency. Then, Kyrie after a failed surgery is out for the playoffs, then Marcus Smart breaks a bone and is out for the first round. That being said, this year seems different. Even though the Raptors had one of the best season in franchise history and a really a good year from Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry.

They choke in the playoffs and James does not. For viewers who don't have these options, there are other ways to watch the Heat vs. 76ers game live stream online.

Toronto put its streak in the past by hitting 16 of 30 3-point attempts, a team record for a postseason game. Joel Embiid will probably be out for the first game and possibly more. This year, it will be in Round One, and the old rivals are itching to get it on one more time. Much like the Eastern Conference, at the end of the day the Warriors are going to end up right back in the finals and ultimately will take care of the Rockets without any issues.

The Warriors could not even reach 60 wins with their loaded roster and the fourth-seeded Cavs have the lowest seed of a Lebron-led team in 10 years. Here are each conference's best chances for a win by a 6th or lower seed in the first round. The Thunder were the talk of the town after the offseason additions of forwards Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. The Houston Rockets have Chris Paul, MVP front runner James Harden, athletic big man Clint Capela. I'll be curious to see how coach Scott Brooks approaches the rest of the series. It's practically every team one would think should be in there. The Celtics' defense does well defending penetrators like Ben Simmons, but an offensive monster like Embiid figures to be too much.

Finally, the Warriors are still the favorite to win it all. Both of those teams are arguably tougher draws than the Spurs, so if Curry can't suit up, the Warriors might have a tricky time progressing.

This is the possible storyline of the 2017-18 Cavaliers: They were awful for a while, then the front office pulled off one heck of a trade deadline.

Hopefully we will see the Houston Rockets, and Golden State Warriors go to game seven in the Western Conference Finals, and see who holds the best team to challenge James and his royalty title of "The King".

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