Capcom Releases Reigns on a New Monster

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Capcom Releases Reigns on a New Monster

The monster all sixteen hunters will be facing off against in this update is the Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth. The creature will make its debut in Monster Hunter: World tomorrow (April 18th) beginning at 5:00 p.m. And seems to be as large as Xeno'jiiva.

"In this new quest type, we invite all of you up to the Gathering Hub to coordinate your hunting efforts with all 16 players in the lobby".

With the conclusion of the Zorah Magdaros and Nergigante investigations, the path is now clear for the arrival of the majestic Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth. As that special limited-time event comes to a close, we already have your next big assignment waiting for you: the Siege of Kulve Taroth!

The Kulve Taroth Siege kicks off alongside the patch on April 18 and takes place in a new area called the Caverns of El Dorado.

Capcom Releases Reigns on a New Monster
Capcom Releases Reigns on a New Monster

For more information you can check out Capcom's official blog post. Each hunting party will split off into groups of up to four hunters each, but will be working together to investigate and hunt down the same Kulve Taroth.

In addition to the weapon relics, players will be able to acquire new materials from the Elder Dragon and use them to craft new Kulve Taroth α and β armor sets, as well as a new set of Palico gear.

In just a couple of days, April 18th to be exact, the players of Monster Hunter World will get another free update that includes some new goodies. The caveat to having 16 players is that you can not join via an SOS as it will disabled for this event but you won't be left out even if you don't have a squad. It'll be available only for a limited time, but it will return at a later time after being discontinued. Monster Hunter: World is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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