DICE is testing a Battlefield battle royale mode - rumour

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A recent report on VentureBeat has confirmed that DICE, the FPS genre master development team, was working on a battle royale project.

Quick, pick a side in Fortnite vs. PUBG, because the field's about to get a lot more crowded.

DICE is investigating how a massive, last player-standing mode would work with its current mechanics.

The predominance of battle royale mode rumours has some industry analysts predicting that the genre will shake out the way the MOBA genre did: a couple of titles will be successful, but most will fail.

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Players are even already used to jumping from planes and parachuting into large scale maps in previous Battlefield games, so the battle royale framework moulds itself easily to DICE's patented gameplay formula. That source claims that the studio is now experimenting with different ways to get the basic concept of a battle royale title to work within the Battlefield systems. And now, we can add this battle royale thingy to our list.

Per the report by Grubb, if the mode is given the go-ahead by EA, it could end up in the game as a free update, but we'll have to wait and see before we jump the gun on any speculation.

The mode remains in testing as the studio decides whether to greenlight it for its forthcoming World War II shooter, which makes it unlikely that the mode would make it into the game at launch if approved.

In fact, the source claims that EA could still cancel the prototype, keep it for the following Battlefield or next Star Wars: Battlefront sequel, or spin it off into its own game.

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