Ekiti Guber Election: Fayemi notifies APC leaders, public on interest to run

Ekiti Guber Election: Fayemi notifies APC leaders, public on interest to run

Ekiti Guber Election: Fayemi notifies APC leaders, public on interest to run

At a declaration ceremony attended by a mammoth crowd on Saturday in Ado Ekiti, the Minister of Mines and Steel Development said he had an unfinished business in the government house.

The Minister became the number 37 aspirant that has declared interest for the seat in APC.

"Those of us who traveled out of Ekiti, we are being insulted, assaulted and mocked on daily basis asking why Ekiti they thought were well read, refined and exposed could make a character like Governor Ayodele Fayose as their governor. It is a message to the people, my people of Ekiti State, that the time has come", Olujimi said.

"So, at my level, at 57, I am not a cripple, I am not a baby, I don't need crutches, I don't have to be the President's candidate".

"It is even more painful when you realise that all the people-oriented programmes, designed and implemented by my administration and which helped to lift the people out of poverty and misery had been cancelled".

"The state is no longer moving forward just because a charlatan is in the saddle. Sad". There is no single aspirant in APC who will not do more fantastic works than what we are getting in Ekiti under Fayose among all the aspirants on the APC platform. Although power belongs to God and he gives it to whosoever he wishes.

He expresses the hope that if the primary is free and fair, the party stands a better chance to win the Ekiti 2018 gubernatorial elections and the 2019 general election.

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He said the red card is an answer to the White Paper issued against him by the Fayose regime which indicted him of financial impropriety and banned him from holding public office for ten years. Their white paper is nothing but a tissue paper. According to him, "this party has a constitution and we believe that we should follow the constitution of the party, there are processes by which candidate emerged in any political party and that was never complied with but I am happy that it has been disregarded and we are going to the primaries".

Fayemi described Fayose as a "pathological liar" for claiming that the debt he (Fayemi) left behind was responsible for his (Fayose's) inability to pay workers' salaries and pensioners benefits as and when due.

"That is why it is important for us to reclaim our land and restore our values".

The ex-governor explained that he took a N25 billion bond from the Capital Market in December 2011 with which he executed capital projects adding that he had repaid N14.5 billion at the time he left office in October 2014. "Actually we are contesting against the governor". Who will the workers hate between a government that did these and one that has not been paying salaries for more than 10 months?

He added: "We will do everything that is required to win Ekiti back".

He said, "We will use local, state and federal power to take over Ekiti from a rapacious and government being run by brigand in Ekiti".

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