Facebook Stories to get AR drawings and Boomerangs in the near future

Facebook Stories to get AR drawings and Boomerangs in the near future

Facebook Stories to get AR drawings and Boomerangs in the near future

It is also making users post to Stories by default when they use Facebook Camera. It is Facebook's turn to add some flair to Stories by introducing Boomerang's GIFs along with the ability to draw in the Facebook Camera. A new feature should be ready in a few weeks. It's massively popular feature which is now making its way to the Facebook Stories. The doodles will then stick to the objects captured in the frame, and users can move around to see their artwork from different angles - a bit like virtual graffiti.

3D drawing on Facebook could be the future of AR as it could simplify the process of newbies and people with little idea of how these things work.

In addition to the new 3D feature, Facebook has also rolled out an option to create and share boomerangs just like Instagram. You can find out more about the same by going through the demo video released by TechCrunch.

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Today in updates that no one asked for, Facebook is updating its Facebook Stories features in its app with two new features, Boomerang support and AR drawings. Facebook also launched AR tracker target experiences which would trigger from QR codes or real-world posters.

"We wanted to give people an easy way to create with augmented reality and draw in the world around them" says John Barnett, a Facebook Camera Product Manager about the feature it calls "3D drawing". Instagram's Stories feature is a Snapchat clone, but sees much higher user engagement, according to Engadget.

If we talk about this particular Stories feature on Facebook, it has not been successful as Instagram or Snapchat. Any photos or videos you add to your Stories will appear on both Facebook and Messenger, and will be shared with the same audience across both. For the very same reason, Facebook is now adding impressive features to this section so more people can get attracted towards it.

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