Facebook Stories updates with Boomerang and AR features

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By David Adams

Instagram has taken a page out of the Facebook book as it will now allow the users to download a copy of the profile of all the information they have shared. This is not the first time that Facebook is experimenting with AR.

Facebook's mobile app has been updated with some enhancements for Stories - an augmented reality (AR) drawing tool and Instagram's popular Boomerang feature.

The report also pointed out that AR drawing will be known as "3D drawing" and will roll out for Facebook users in coming weeks. Facebook has warned though that the feature isn't ideal yet, and the quality of the AR experience will depend on the lighting while capturing images as well as how well the contours of the subject are captured.

Facebook has been working on pushing into the AR sector for a while now. The platform also rolled out support for industry standard glTF 2.0 in February this year, allowing developers to create richer and higher-quality 3D content for the platform.

With AR drawing, you can scribble on the world around you, then move your camera and see the markings stay in place.

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"We are building a new data portability tool".

For the uninformed, Boomerang is a feature that loops videos back and forwards (hence the name) and have proven very popular with users of Instagram.

It's an interesting and fun feature to be fair to the firm, but Facebook Stories is still of dubious relevance at this stage.

Facebook has also confirmed the fact that the Boomerang will be replacing the looping GIF creation in the Facebook camera; the Boomerang feature, however, is already available on Instagram.

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