Gmail redesign to include self-destructing email option

Amongst other features Confidential Mode allows users to set an expiry date on their email

GOOGLE via THE VERGEAmongst other features Confidential Mode allows users to set an expiry date on their email

The updated Gmail on desktop is also set to include two of the best features that are now available in Inbox by Gmail - Google's other email app. Part of that "fresh, clean look" will likely include new fonts. "Product Sans letters look like the "g" used in Google's current logo; Roboto will make some noticeable changes to characters like "Q", "?" and "$". Similarly, the actual security offered by this concept may also be limited, as the TechCrunch report notes that there is no control mechanism preventing the user from taking a screenshot of the message. This feature is already available for people who use the Inbox by Gmail app or Boomerang, a third-party Gmail tool.

The search engine giant has another feature up its sleeve called "confidential mode" that will allow users to limit what recipients can do with the emails you send, preventing them from being forwarded, downloaded or printed, according to another report in The Verge. Encrypted messaging app Signal also gives users a less-intense version that erases messages after the recipient has read them. Before we get to that, what we know so far is that the redesigned Gmail could launch in the next few weeks and will perhaps be announced at the Google I/O developers conference on May 8. On the bottom of your email with the new design, there will also be "smart replies".

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If you're sent an expiring email you want to secretly squirrel away, all you need to do is capture an image of the screen to peruse the message at your leisure. This upgrade lets you share more photos, files and videos than ever before using the service.

I guess time will tell on that one. You can tag the email with a convenient time and it will be right there at the top of your inbox when you have the freedom to respond. Because of the decentralized, protocol-based nature of email, the ability of Google to unilaterally change the access requirements of a given email appears limited. The new design is said to also come with a feature that would ensure only the recipient can view an e-mail and that too for a specific period of time. The new design features new icons along with a flatter, bolder layout.

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