Instagram to Soon Allow You To Download Your Own Data

Facebook announces major change in ranking the public content based on surveys

Instagram to Soon Allow You To Download Your Own Data

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has been the epicentre for all the vociferous opinions that have been raised against the popular social media network, as many can not fathom the fact that their private information was mined without any staunch approval.

Instagram had recently copied the Snapchat to add the signature Stories feature, now it is Facebook that has adopted the same. The company confirmed to TechCrunch that the features would start rolling out to users worldwide in the coming weeks.

"3D drawing" is the name Facebook Camera Product Manager John Barnett calls it, and first spotted by Matt Navarra, will bring out your creative ability in Stories.

The new feature will let users doodle and scribble on the screen before or while they are recording and see what augmented reality graffiti looks like on various surfaces as they move their phone around. Now there is also a new AR feature to help in the same.

Facebook has been working on pushing into the AR sector for a while now.

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It has been nearly five years since Instagram was launched. The platform also rolled out support for industry standard glTF 2.0 in February this year, allowing developers to create richer and higher-quality 3D content for the platform.

The second new feature announced for Facebook Stories - Boomerang - is an evolution of the GIF-creating feature available for a while.

"Unlike Instagram's Snapchat clone, which has more users than Snapchat itself, Facebook's hasn't been as successful. Our smartphones, our computers, our email, the big companies-Amazon, Google, Facebook-they're collecting data on us every single step of the way".

Facebook has been pushing its Stories tool aggressively, despite a muted response from users.

Previously, the company revealed its AR effects back at F8 previous year.

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