Kentucky governor 'guarantees' children sexually assaulted, poisoned due to school closures

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Kentucky governor 'guarantees' children sexually assaulted, poisoned due to school closures

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin apologized on Sunday for saying a week the teacher walk out that closed colleges in a lot of their nation's districts led to children being sexually attacked.

In a almost 4-minute video posted Sunday, Bevin didn't apologize for what he'd said, however - only that he took responsibility for not being clearer.

The comments drew nationwide backlash, including an official condemnation from the Kentucky House of Representatives.

Expressing concern for schoolchildren who were unable to attend school on Friday because of the strike, Bevin said: "I guarantee you somewhere in Kentucky today a child was sexually assaulted that was left at home because there was nobody there to watch them".

"It's my responsibility to represent you - not only when I'm speaking to you, but when I'm speaking on your behalf - in ways that are clear, that are understood, that don't hurt people and don't confuse people", he added, addressing public employees. "Let's work together, we need to work together", he said.

Democrats quickly condemned Bevin's comments.

"I apologize for those who have been hurt by the things that were said was not my intent whatsoever", Bevin said in a video message Sunday.

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I do again, I'm sorry for those of you, every single one of you, that has been hurt by things I've said.

"I'm offended by the fact that people so cavalierly, and so flippantly, disregarded what's truly best for children", he said.

Although the teachers succeeded in protecting pensions for current workers and pressuring legislators into overriding Bevin's veto, Kentucky teachers could still face problems in the future.

Protesters succeeded in their efforts and legislators overturned Bevin's budget and tax vetoes on the final day of the 2018 legislative session.

The governor said this caused "hundreds of thousands of children" to be left alone at home and "vulnerable". Well, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin could use that advice right about now.

Friday's teacher rally did result in the closure of at least 30 Kentucky school districts, including Erlanger-Elsemere Schools and Bellevue Independent Schools.

"His insults of teachers over the a year ago have been beneath the decorum of any respectable elected official", Nishimuta wrote in a statement. "As a mother, suggesting children were abused as a prop for his political rhetoric is disturbing and absurdly in poor taste".

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