Leaked Screenshots Reveal Upcoming Gmail Redesign

Leaked Screenshots Reveal Upcoming Gmail Redesign

Leaked Screenshots Reveal Upcoming Gmail Redesign

Though Gmail did not specifically mention what changes will be made, it did say that the new Gmail on the web will have a "fresh, clean look".

Google is reportedly working on an all-new design and feature set for the web version of its email service Gmail. The update, however, is being rolled out on the mobile Web interface and the Google search app on Android in India (both in Hindi and English) and in the US. The three options include a default view that highlights attachments, a comfortable view that does not highlight those attachments and a compact view that is nearly the same as the current Gmail design (for those who don't like change). Notably, it looks like recipients of the confidential email will have to log into their Google accounts once again to read the email. As per some screenshots, users will be able to set an expiration date so that the sent email disappears or is unreadable after a week or several years depending on what they choose. This will thus help sort out the emails that lay the utmost importance for a given point of time. Google had introduced the smart reply feature some time back as a convenient option to make short and quick replies to most messages. This is a helpful feature as users will be eligible to send a reply to an email with one mere click.

A Google spokesperson said, "We're working on some major updates to Gmail". If you ever check your Gmail on your phone, the changes won't seem that alien to you. The Verge, meanwhile, said that the new look for Gmail was being tested within Google and trusted partners and that the redesign includes subtle elements of the company's Material Design language.

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The email was meant to prepare employees tasked with managing companies' G Suite apps - Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, etc. - to answer questions about the redesign as it's rolled out to personal accounts, meaning we could expect it to look noticeably different.

As revealed by The Verge, the Gmail update is about more than just giving the email service a new coat of paint.

The "More Results" button will appear for users across iOS and Android platforms using the Google app.

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