NBA Playgrounds 2 Announced, Out This Summer

NBA Playgrounds 2 Announced, Out This Summer

NBA Playgrounds 2 Announced, Out This Summer

Saber Interactive has revealed NBA Playgrounds 2, the next installment in the bestselling arcade-sports franchise.

One of the first things we wanted to do with the sequel was to expand online play. They are instituting a new mode known as Playgrounds Championship.

Players will know how they stack up against their opponents online and will acquire skills as they progress, with both co-op and solo leagues featured.

As for multiplayer, Saber Interactive promises that the matchmaking has been greatly improved, and that players can now do four-player matches online.

This sequel, which will release on all the same platforms as the original, is poised to improve on the formula established in the first game with a couple new features. "We know lag was a problem in the first game for some and this should address the concern".

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Season Mode will give players the feeling of leading a team through the regular season and through to the NBA Playoffs and championship.

The high-flying arcade action also features a massive roster of over 200 current and retired National Basketball Association players with new player models and animations.

The trailer is packed with a bunch of the biggest names from the sport. The developers have said there are fresh player and facial animations for added effect this time too.

After we spotted NBA Playgrounds 2's classification in Australia yesterday, we reached out to Saber Interactive for comment. We aren't getting any looks at gameplay yet. The game is coming PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch later this summer, so we should be seeing a lot more soon.

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