New Street Fighter 5 DLC Character Falke Releases In April

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New Street Fighter 5 DLC Character Falke Releases In April

Street Fighter 5 fans can mark April 24 on their calendars because that's when the next new character joins the roster. In celebration, Capcom released the first gameplay trailer featuring Falke and her Psycho Power. The game maker designed her to be "an alternative clone for M. Bison", and her story is threaded into the franchise's story even though she is a brand-new character. Through all that training, she developed the ability to "infuse Psycho Power into objects and release it through them", usually using her powerful staff, which she calls Harmony. She was eventually broken out of Shadaloo by Ed, so those characters now have a sibling-like bond. Falke will be followed by Cody, Sagat and the weird looking G at a later date. Following her rescue, the two formed Neo Shadloo - an organization which endeavors to rescue and aid anyone who's like them in need of help. Her attackes are also infused with Psycho Power, which players can channel by holding down any punch button. Pressing down and HP+HK will see Falke using Psycho Panzer, a powered up version of Psycho Kanonen that deals more damage. She can avoid projectiles while using Psycho Kanonen. The third method is "Psycho Kanonen", or "Crouching", in which she lies on the ground and shoots something at her opponent's feet. Pressing two punches will result in Psycho Schneide, which is her version of an uppercut. Falke, like Ed, can perform some special moves, simply by pressing "either two punch or two kick buttons - no special inputs required". With her Harmony staff, she looks like she's going to be a fantastic ranged fighter with a few goodies sprinkled in just in case she needs to clobber someone in close range. This move can then be cancelled by a "variety of normal moves and can also be used to absorb projectiles".

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The release is available to download as an upgrade for free in the Street Fighter V game.

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