R. Kelly Charged With Spreading STD

R. Kelly Charged With Spreading STD

R. Kelly Charged With Spreading STD

Well, one young woman is speaking up through a new complaint, alleging that the 51-year-old "It Seems Like You're Ready" crooner gave her a sexually transmitted disease during their eight-month relationship.

The woman who filed the lawsuit is the latest from a handful of women who have accused the singer of keeping them captive in his Atlanta home. A representative for the singer told the Washington Post he "categorically denies all claims and allegations" from the Dallas complaint.

The accuser is a minor and her claims definitely fit a long established pattern when it comes to R'uh and the ladies. The woman claims she met the singer last June in Dallas when she was 19, and that he restrained her and drugged her against her will.

In the complaint, the singer is also accused of attempting to convince her to join the alleged "sex cult" news reports have linked him to, and that she was asked to sign a contract and divulge sensitive information about her and her family as "collateral". She said she was 14 when Kelly started to groom her to become one of his "sex pets". She ended the relationship in February.

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The woman chose to take legal action against R. Kelly after she tested positive for herpes earlier this year, Merritt said. Kelly's reps have denied the allegations.

The accuser reached out to the parents of Jocelyn Savage, a 22-year-old that moved in with Kelly and was named in BuzzFeed's investigative report, via direct message, saying she had seen Jocelyn. She reportedly sent the Savages a direct message via Instagram to tell them she had spent time with Jocelyn. Timothy Savage said on Sunday that he nearly immediately asked whether she had a sexual relationship with Kelly and if she had been tested for an STD.

"We felt from the beginning that the reason he's holding the girls is he has some kind of STD that he couldn't cure", said Timothy in an interview. The father, Timothy Savage, immediately encouraged her to get tested and helped point her in the direction of attorney Merritt. I hope this opens up some answers.

Merritt is expected to hold a news conference Wednesday at Dallas Police headquarters.

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