Rare reveals what's on the horizon for Sea of Thieves

Prepare for a hammer-blow of childlike glee as the first few hours of this game unfolds majestically before your eyes

Prepare for a hammer-blow of childlike glee as the first few hours of this game unfolds majestically before your eyes

"We are hugely excited to be beginning this phase of 'Sea of Thieves, ' and seeing where the adventure takes us", said executive producer Joe Neate.

After The Hungering Deep, the studio said it's planning two more content updates during the summer. Even though Sea of Thieves feels fairly content-light at the moment, it's nice to see Rare sharing its expansion plans so soon after launch. The developer says that there are specific areas of focus when it comes to adding new content to the game, as it considers whether or not the content that's being added does things like enrich the world or "encourage different types of player encounters".

May will also show the start of Rare's new weekly events program, in which players are promised new ways to play the game and are able in to win rewards by participating.

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Everything introduced as part of the timed event will remain as part of Sea of Thieves once the timed event ends. Its first update, called The Hungering Deep, arrives in early May and adds a new, unique event to the game world, along with new mechanics, rewards, and a mysterious A.I. threat. Another one is skeleton thrones scattered around the world for players to find. First up is a content update called The Hungering Deep, which adds "a new AI threat" for crews to "discover and defeat as part of a unique event".

All of the aforementioned content will be available to Sea of Thieves players at no additional cost. Expanding the number of ships from the current solo, two-man, and four-man options have been requested frequently from the community since the days of the beta. The only hint given is that it will introduce new rewards and new mechanics. The other two content updates will be Cursed Sails, which will include a new ship type for our very own TL;DR Coxswain to sail, and Forsaken Shores. This will be a "more perilous" part of the world that includes yet another new AI threat that is themed around that area. Unfortunately, Rare was even more secretive with these as it did not reveal even the names.

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