Russian ambassador warns effect of USA attack on Syria

Chemical Attacks in Syria UN Council Must Prevent Syria'Spiralling Out of Control, Says Antonio Guterres

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

Moscow warned against any strikes and threatened to retaliate. The medics, however, said none of the patients had any symptoms of chemical poisoning, according to the statements.

Konashenkov said that "powerful pressure from London was exerted on representatives of the so-called White Helmets to quickly stage the premeditated provocation".

"Syria indeed today represents the most serious threat to worldwide peace and security", Guterres said.

She told an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council called by Russian Federation that should the USA and its allies decide to act in Syria it will be to defend "a bedrock worldwide norm that benefits all nations" - the prohibition on the use of chemical weapons. He said "the Cold War is back - with a vengeance but with a difference", because safeguards that managed the risk of escalation in the past, "no longer seem to be present".

Guterres said he has asked Syrian special envoy Staffan de Mistura to come to NY as soon as possible to consult "on the most effective way to accelerate the political process".

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the missile strikes an "act of aggression against a sovereign state" and said they were against the United Nations charter.

A suspected poison gas attack in the suburbs of the Syrian capital, which killed more than 40 people, has drawn worldwide outrage and prompted the United States and its allies to consider a military strike on Syria.

Western powers are thought to be preparing for strikes but Russian Federation, a Syrian ally, opposes such action. A Western official told CNN that it is not conclusive, but officials suspect the substance used in the attack was a mixture of chlorine, sarin and possibly other chemicals. The Kremlin said both Putin and Macron lauded the upcoming visit of the global chemical watchdog's fact-finding mission to Syria and pledged to join efforts to provide necessary assistance to that mission.

"Insulting the President of Russian Federation is unacceptable and inadmissible", he went on. He was speaking a day after French President Emmanuel Macron said France had proof there was a chemical attack - also without revealing what that evidence was.

The meeting was called by Russian Federation to address USA threatened military action in response to last weekend's attack in the Damascus suburb of Douma. Both the Russian military and the Syrian government said they would facilitate the mission and ensure the inspectors' security.

President Trump "has not yet made a decision about possible actions in Syria", Haley said.

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Since Saturday, when images of ashen toddlers struggling for breath emerged after the alleged attack, there has been a sustained military buildup in the eastern Mediterranean.

Trump had also said last week that Putin bore responsibility for the "atrocity" in Douma. Erdogan did not elaborate. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned Western intervention in Syria would "lead to new waves of migrants to Europe".

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley stated Friday that chemical weapons were used in an attack in Syria that left scores dead and she blamed Russian Federation for complicity, as the Trump administration continues to weigh how to retaliate and Russian Federation maintains its denial that the attack took place.

Syria and Russian Federation have denied that the attacks happened and said they were staged by the White Helmets so that the Syrian government could be blamed.

"The use of chemical weapons by anyone, anywhere, under any circumstances is illegal and utterly reprehensible", Mr Turnbull said.

Commentators on state TV argued that Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May launched the attack to distract attention from their political problems at home.

"However. any action that would lead to the failure or harm activities led by Turkey, Iran and Russian Federation toward a lasting peace should be avoided", Yildirim said.

Eight countries voted against and three abstained. The government, however, said evacuations from Douma were ongoing and no Syrian government forces had entered the town. The Syrian government has denied the allegations.

The offensive, which included weapons launches from multiple air and naval platforms, was a direct response to accusations of a chemical weapon attack on civilians last week by Assad's Russian-backed regime. The world leaders announced that the strikes targeted positions linked to the chemical weapons facilities of the Syrian government. He says Moscow has "irrefutable information that it was another fabrication".

On Friday, Russian lawmakers drafted a bill under which the country may ban exports of titanium components to U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

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