Samsung Gets Hit With Lawsuit Over Biometrics Patents

Samsung не пошла на уступки Apple

Samsung Gets Hit With Lawsuit Over Biometrics Patents

The big names in any industry always have bullseyes on their backs, and the consumers electronics industry is obviously no different.

Industry watchers said it was also significant that Samsung won 6,072 patents in the US last year and maintains its status as the second-largest holder of patents in the North American country for the 12th consecutive year following Intel Corp.

If the court accepts PACid's claims, Samsung will be required to pay up to three times the standard rate of $1 per phone, or 2.82 billion United States dollars (3 trillion KRW) in total. According PACid Technologies, Samsung owes the company $2.8 billion.

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In a lawsuit filed on April 6th with the Texas Eastern District Court, PACid alleges that Samsung was aware of its patents since at least January 2017, but nevertheless went ahead and used PACid's tech in all recent Galaxy S models, including the S6, S7 and S8 and the phones' Edge variants. US Patent No. 9,577,994 and No. 9,876,771, and South Korean patent KR20110128567A are the patents covered in the lawsuit, and they pertain to technologies involving biometric authentication.

The number of Samsung's patents in the key North American company also marked a twofold spike compared with 2009, when the company held 22,513 cases. However, the suit did not mention a specific damages amount sought by the plaintiff but with the calibre of phones mentioned, the company may be seeking a huge sum in damages. The practice is predominant in the tech industry, and recently tech analysts called BlackBerry as another patent troll when it filed lawsuit against Facebook and Snapchat. All three patents have something to do with encryption technology.

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