Samsung likely to begin manufacturing iPhone X Plus displays next month

Смартфон iPhone Х скопировал интересную функцию планшета iPad

Samsung likely to begin manufacturing iPhone X Plus displays next month

But, what let many tech critics down was that the devices featured notch on top of the display similar to that of the iPhone X [review].

The king of smartphones when it comes to design and display and the largest phone maker, Samsung is said to be introducing a smartphone design what it must not. According to insiders, Samsung started making smartphones with the cutout on the screen same as the iPhone X. The iPhone X launch was delayed a year ago compared to that of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus because there were apparently issues with the production of the TrueDepth Camera system that powered the Face ID feature. On the back, there are various options of placement of the dual-rear camera setup - vertically or horizontally, in the centre or in the corner, implying Samsung wants to play it safe, just in with all the formalities of a patent. The bottom of the device features a USB Type-C port, a speaker grille and the 3.5mm headphone jack. The left side of the phone features the volume keys, while the right side features the power button.

The latest technological advancement has enabled companies to incorporate fingerprint sensor under the display. Among its numerous designs, the company has developed a model that closely resembled the iPhone X's notch. Despite not selling as many units as expected, the flagship alone made five times the profit of the aggregate profit of almost 600 Android device makers in the last quarter of 2017. They really, really hate the notch.

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With Samsung filing this patent, it doesn't necessarily mean that this Galaxy phone will become an actual product.

For those who aren't big fans of the notch, Samsung is also working on something else.

This report could be considered good as we can expect that the new iPhone X, iPhone X Plus and a mid-ranged model with an LCD screen will probably be available at the same time.

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