San Francisco's Juul to invest $30 million to fight underage vaping

San Francisco's Juul to invest $30 million to fight underage vaping

San Francisco's Juul to invest $30 million to fight underage vaping

In a hearing of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture, Udall pressed Gottlieb about the steps the FDA is taking to better protect kids and communities from the possible hazards associated with e-cigarettes.

"We also recognize that young people have become aware of and gained access to its products", the company said in a news release.

The San Francisco-based maker of a much-debated e-cigarette popular with teenagers says it will spend $30 million in an effort to keep its products out of the hands of children. In addition, Attorney General Miller and the same group will work with JUUL Labs to develop a transparent and effective framework for independent research focused on the scientific and societal implications of vapor products.

The regulator said it had issued 40 warning letters to retailers, including multiple 7-Eleven stores, for violations regarding illegal sales of Juul products after uncovering violations through compliance checks since the beginning of March. The company, one of the most popular sellers of such products in the US, also said it would spend money over the next three years to fund independent research, youth and parent education, and.

"These characteristics may facilitate youth use, by making the products more attractive to children and teens".

"Separately, a group of 11 Democratic senators, led by Richard J. Durbin of IL, complained to Gottlieb and Juul Labs chief executive Kevin Burns about youth use of the product", McGinley writes.

According to Fontem Ventures, the company implements a number of youth protection initiatives, including online age-verification mechanisms on, clear product labelling that states "not for sale to minors", and branding that avoids any association with candy, toys, cartoons or other products popular with youth.
At the same time, we are committed to deterring young people, as well as adults who do not now smoke, from using our products.

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"Even though Juul on their website talks about how they try really, really hard to only sell to adults, we all know that the young folks are getting this".

Taking steps to foreclose online sales of JUUL to minors. However, he said he took action immediately to prevent any further underage sales. It includes a re-chargeable Juul device, a USB charger, a warranty, and a four-pack of the flavored Juul pods.

The FDA asked Juul to turn over documents related to its marketing tactics, how its product affects health and any research it's done on use among young people. "If companies want to use flavors, they should be required to demonstrate to the FDA that use of flavors will benefit public health".

In 2016, the FDA asserted the right to regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products.

Gottlieb said the agency plans to issue additional letters to "manufacturers of products that raise similar concerns about youth use", and noted that the online retailer eBay, at the FDA's request, has removed information about Juul products from its website. "We are working with the FDA, lawmakers, parents and community leaders to combat underage use, and we will continue working with all interested parties to keep our product away from youth".

Gottlieb said the new steps do not represent a change from the continuum-of-risk strategy announced in July that has a role for e-cigs and other innovative nicotine-reduction products to help adult smokers to quit traditional cigarettes.

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