Stalker Broke Into Taylor Swift's NYC Home, Took Nap

Taylor Swift Man Breaks into Home ... Showers and Sleeps in Her Bed!

Stalker broke into Taylor Swift's townhouse, used her shower and slept in her bed

A witness spotted the intruder breaking in and called the police, who arrested Alvarado inside the home on charges of stalking, burglary, and criminal mischief.

Taylor has sadly been the victim of several somewhat frightening and freaky stalkers lately.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ. Theis is the second time he's been caught at her apartment.

When officers arrived, they found a ladder up to a broken window and the man asleep in Swift's bed, police said.

Not only did Alvarado reportedly take a nap in the home, he showered.

The stalker, known as Roger Alvarado, had been arrested early in February for attempting to break down Swift's door with a shovel.

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Luckily, the Gorgeous singer wasn't in the property, as she has not lived there yet. Swift was not at home during the incident.

In another freakish event - this time outside Swift's Rhode Island house - 26-year-old Bruce Rowley robbed a bank in CT and then drove to Taylor's house to give the proceeds of his robbery to her.

Julius Sandrock, 38, was wearing a mask and rubber gloves, and had a knife, a rope and ammunition on him, police said.

Cops were so alarmed at the find that Beverly Hills PD filed a restraining order for Swift itself.

But it's likely the former, since he appeared to want to just hang out in Taylor's space rather than make off with any valuables.

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