Syria: missiles fired at air base near Homs

Syria regime media saying 3 missiles hit Damascus suburb airfield

Syria regime media saying 3 missiles hit Damascus suburb airfield

Air defense units of the Syrian army are repelling a missile strike on the Shayrat air base in the Homs governorate, the SANA news agency reported on Tuesday.

Syrian air defenses are responding to a new series of strikes, according to multiple news reports published on Monday night. The same information was also shared with TASS news agency by Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon. According to various Arabic media channels, three missiles targeted Al Dumayr airport, but they were all allegedly downed by the Syrian air defenses.

The Shayrat Air Base was hit by 59 U.S. Tomahawk cruise missiles a year ago.

The United States, Britain, and France launched more than 100 missiles in Syria on April 14, targeting three alleged chemical weapons facilities in an operation that Syria and its key ally, Russia, denounced as aggression on a sovereign state.

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Following reports of an Israeli strike, an Israeli military spokesman said: "I'm not aware of such an incident".

The military announced at around 1.10am local time (11.10pm GMT) that it had fired missiles towards the Shay'rat Airbase, to the south-east of Homs, and its surrounding area in the Homs Governorate. Reports of that attack had been swirling on social media before the announcement.

Before the US -led attack, Israeli warplanes had fired missiles on the T-4 airbase in the eastern countryside of Homs on April 9, killing 14 soldiers, including Iranian fighters.

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