The best jokes on Twitter about Zuck's congressional testimony

The best jokes on Twitter about Zuck's congressional testimony

The best jokes on Twitter about Zuck's congressional testimony

Over the past several weeks we've seen quite a bit of backlash over Facebook's latest series of privacy blunders.

Fraser said it's not clear if more regulation of social networking is necessary.

Well, that will be quite a pile of work for Zuckerberg and his team, if he meant what he said.

By the close of Wednesday's hearing, Zuckerberg had spent roughly 10 out of the previous 24 hours testifying before Congress. About one in three lawmakers got that response over the two days.

Near the end of the session, Debbie Dingell, a Democrat from MI criticised Zuckerberg's lack of knowledge of his own company. "Some things are striking during this conversation", she said. "You type the letter K, and everybody knows", King said.

Bear in mind that the notification, though it was rolled out last night, may take some time to reach all of Facebook's more than 1.8 billion users.

Channelling public anger over data privacy lapses - including most spectacularly the leak of personal information from 87 million Facebook users to a political consultant - lawmakers in both House and Senate raised the spectre of regulations to bring online firms to heel. He gave no further details.

"If Facebook is truly committed to protecting people's privacy, the company should set an example, by adhering to highest data protection standards for all users".

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica face multiple lawsuits over alleged misuse of personal information with at least five law firms in the United Kingdom and U.S. investigating claims for compensation. The data collection didn't violate any rules.

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For all we know, Facebook may be only one of many social media companies have sold or shared private user information without permission. And on Tuesday, it announced the launch of Data Abuse Bounty, a reward for people who turn in app developers that are misusing data.

Facemash was a website that Mark Zuckerberg created before Facebook.

Facebook says it will stop spending money to fight a proposed California ballot initiative aimed at giving consumers more control over their data.

The emails appear to contradict the duo's claim on the "Mornings on the Mall" radio show on Wednesday that Facebook had not tried to contact them.

Representatives also challenged Zuckerberg on censorship of conservative information, tracking pixels that monitor non-Facebook users and Facebook users that aren't logged in, and the social media site's role in the nationwide opioid epidemic.

Today Mark Zuckerberg publicly denied knowledge of the term "Shadow Profile" at a congressional hearing. He refrained from cracking jokes and flashed few smiles.

Facebook tracks "certain information for ads and security".

Members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee grilled Zuckerberg for almost five hours about his company's legal obligations, guiding principles and his own philosophies.

Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Greg Walden, told reporters he would talk with committee members about holding similar hearings with other technology chief executives.

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