The Division now runs in Native 4K on Xbox One X

The Division DirectX 12 Support

The Division now runs in Native 4K on Xbox One X

The highly anticipated Xbox One X enhanced edition of The Division is finally available to download.

Ubisoft may already be hard at work on Tom Clancy's The Division 2, but they're still offering a lot of support for the current game, including today's massive update (~4GB) that includes two new global events, new Elite missions, updated Classified drop rates, changes to Division Tech, and a bevy of bug fixes. The new update will see The Division running at up to 4K on the Xbox One X, thanks to the additional horsepower inside of the refreshed console.

So how does it different to the PS4 Pro equivalent?

In other news, Ubisoft also confirmed that it is working on two new Global Events for the open world shooter with the first event, Blackout due out at the end of April and Onslaught arriving in May. There are also 40+ new Commendations players can unlock in these Global Events.

In Blackout players will be armed with Shock Ammo that will stun enemies.

Global Event Onslaught [May] -Agents deal burn, bleed and gas effects to enemies in addition to normal damage. According to the patch notes, enemies will be resistant to certain elements and vulnerable to another.

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Bosses in the Resistance game mode now award 100 Global Event tokens. Legendary missions now have a 20 percent chance to reward a Classified item while season pass caches and survival caches have a 10 percent chance to offer a Classified item.

Vendor Changes: Added a Classified Gear cache to the Special Vendor that guarantees one Classified Gear piece from the entire pool.

This month, players can earn new commendations and experience the Blackout Global Event. This vendor now offers a Classified Gear cache for Phoenix Credits.

Classified Drop Rates chances have been increased in all locations. These items are no longer dropped by enemies because players can simply purchase them from the vendor.

Survival Caches now has a roughly 10% chance to drop Classified Gear.

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