Trump's personal lawyer denies report of Prague meeting with Russians during campaign

Trump's personal lawyer denies report of Prague meeting with Russians during campaign

Trump's personal lawyer denies report of Prague meeting with Russians during campaign

When the allegations surfaced, Cohen flatly denied them: "I have never to Prague in my life", he tweeted, along with a photo of the front of his passport.

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's personal attorney, has been "under criminal investigation" for months in NY because of his business dealings, the Justice Department said Friday.

Michael Cohen tweeted a response to a McClatchy report published Friday that says special counsel Robert Mueller has evidence he visited the Czech Republic in late summer, citing two sources familiar with the matter, contradicting Cohen's previous denials and jibing with details contained in the infamous Trump-Russia dossier compiled by a former British spy.

Prosecutors said the raid on Cohen's office was the result of a "months-long investigation" into Trump's personal lawyer, and that the crimes largely relate to Cohen's "own business dealings".

During the FBI's raid of Trump's lawyer's office, CNN reports they seized audio recordings between Stormy Daniels' laywer at the time, Keith Davidson, and Trump's current lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Potter explained that Cohen's "hush money" to Daniels is considered an "in kind contribution by Cohen to the Trump campaign, which is about $126,500 above what he's allowed to give".

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The lawyer denied the allegations about his ties to Russian Federation and said not only are they false, but also hurt his career, which is ironic, given that he works for the president of the United States.

Mr Cohen had already notified the US District Court in Los Angeles on Thursday that he meant to request a stay in Ms Daniels' lawsuit against him and Mr Trump "on the grounds that an ongoing criminal investigation overlaps with the facts of this case".

The McClatchy DC article also noted that even if there's evidence Cohen traveled to Prague, it's still unclear if Mueller has evidence that the lawyer met with any prominent Russians.

According to Potter, whether President Trump paid Cohen back still renders the initial payment an illegal campaign contribution. The plan would have ended US sanctions imposed on Russia in 2014 in response to its incursion into Ukraine in exchange for minimal Russian concessions.

"I know that the President worked with him as a personal attorney". Mueller's team recently told Trump's lawyers that he is a subject of the investigation, but not a criminal target.

Other staffers at the Trump Organization have been further tied to the payments made by Cohen. "She also wants to ensure that she is heard and that she is represented at the hearing".

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